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5 thought starters for B2B LinkedIn articles

LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for businesses of all kinds, but especially small businesses in the B2B space. One of the best ways you can use LinkedIn is by posting your own content.

Marketing Tango is an excellent blog that ought to be on your reading list. They recently posted an article titled 5 Keys to Using LinkedIn for Small Business. It’s a great article that I recommend you read.

Number 5 on the list is “Post Original Content.” Here is what the article says about that:

You can also publish your own posts on LinkedIn Pulse that get seen in the newsfeed of your connections and emailed to everyone in your particular group. But don’t get too salesy– LinkedIn Groups are not the place for overt sales pitches. Just make sure you’re providing helpful information that solves customer problems, and the sales leads will follow.

That’s great advice, especially the part about “helpful information that solves customer problems.”

But getting from there to a completed article can be a challenge. The blank page can be intimidating.

So here are a few ideas to get you started:

Be a critic

There’s a saying that goes, “Everyone’s a critic.” Well, why not be one for real?

There are certainly people and businesses in your industry that are doing things you don’t agree with. You might be hesitant to criticize because you’re a nice person, but don’t hold back! Make your opinions known. Be bold.

Just be sure you are smart and fair about your critique and acknowledge that you may not have all the answers. And don’t worry if people disagree with you. A lively discussion draws eyeballs to your content.

Challenge conventional wisdom

As long as we’re talking about lively discussion and drawing eyeballs, nothing does it like holding a contrarian opinion.

You see it all the time. Conventional wisdom holds a position that everyone agrees with. Then out of nowhere someone shocks the world by saying the opposite.

You could be that person to shock the world. However, don’t be contrarian just to be contrarian. If you don’t actually believe what you’re saying, then people will see right through it.

Share a story

People love stories. They have the power to entertain, inspire, educate, motivate.

I’m willing to bet you have access to some pretty great stories and you don’t even know it. Stories about an employee who solved a problem and save your customers money. Stories about customers who are doing something unique. Stories about an internal practice at your company that reflects your culture.

Tell your stories, and provide your audience with real-world value they can use.

Offer some free tips

Sometimes you need to give some things away in order for people to see your value. I understand the hesitancy -- you can’t pay the bills by offering free advice.

But that’s something you need to get over. By offering free tips, ideas, or advice (kinda like I’m doing with this article), you can been seen as helpful and providing value. Also, the real value of what you offer lies in the application of your expertise to clients’ specific situations, right?

Also, you don’t need to be super detailed. Just give them enough so they see you know what you’re talking about.

Make a prediction

This is another sure-fire way to get eyeballs on your content.

Predictions are irresistible, especially as the end of the year approaches. If you have any thoughts about how certain trends are shaping your industry, think them through to their logical conclusion and offer a bold prediction.

And don’t worry about being right. No one will call you on it.


The above list is not all-inclusive. There are any number of other topics and ideas you can cover on LinkedIn, depending on your situation.

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