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A secret to great (corporate) communication

Effective communication is one of the greatest challenges there is in business. This is true whether it’s one individual communicating to another, or a company communicating to a mass audience.

A recent article in Huffington Post provides some good tips for effective communication in interpersonal situations. A lot of the tips provided can also be applied to companies and brands communicating to their customers, employees or other audiences.

Of the tips listed, my personal favorite is #4: Connect Emotionally. From the article:

“(Y)our communication is impotent if people don’t connect with it on an emotional level. This is hard for many leaders to pull off because they feel they need to project a certain persona. Let that go. To connect with your people emotionally, you need to be transparent. Be human. Show them what drives you, what you care about, what makes you get out of bed in the morning.”

This can very easily applied to a company as well as a person.

If you’re tasked with managing your company’s communications, think about what makes your company human. What is your reason for existence? What is important to you and to your customers? 

Be transparent about your mistakes and your ambitions.

This will give your audiences a reason to like you. It will help them connect with you and identify with you, and your messages will resonate with them.

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