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How to use storytelling when your product has no story

Not every company can make the latest technical gadget that people line up to buy. Some companies succeed by providing a good, high-quality product that people need and use every day.

Nothing exciting. Nothing innovative. Just straight-up quality and reliability, day after day. That’s nice, but it doesn’t give you much to work with from a content marketing standpoint. Let’s be honest, it’s kinda boring.

In these situations, the temptation is to rely on old-fashioned, feature-benefit advertising. But as Master Foods demonstrates, you can still make an emotional connection by having your customers tell the story.

In a video from earlier this year, the Australian food company asked groups of parents who they’d like to have dinner with. Then they asked their kids. The results are stunning.

You’ll notice that nowhere in the video did anyone talk about the quality of the food, or the taste, or the price, or anything else that you might normally expect a food company to talk about. The brand wasn’t even mentioned until the end.

Instead, the company aligned itself with a very emotional subject, and they let consumers take the lead in telling the story.

The result is a highly emotional video that touches on a universal topic, and that tugs at the heartstrings of the viewer. It’s a video that’s designed to be viewed multiple times and shared with friends.

That’s the power of emotional storytelling, and it’s something a feature-benefit video can almost never do.

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