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Is your content balanced?

Content marketing requires balance.

You can’t just pump out content that focuses solely on your products or services. Content marketing is not advertising, and your customers don’t want to hear about features and benefits all the time.

Take, for example, the post below from Bobcat’s Facebook page. Sure, it’s well-written, but it’s basically just an ad for their products. It even tells you to go to a dealer for a price quote!


Oh, wait a minute. Just a few hours after they published the above post, the posted the one below. This post features one of their customers, and is part of a larger campaign to celebrate the people who work hard to build America.

The lesson here is balance. Customers don’t want to hear about you and your products all the time. They want to see content that is relevant to them.

Content that demonstrates you understand who they are, that helps them solve expensive problems or makes their lives easier. Even content that inspires and entertains them.

With a good balance of customer-focused content, your promotional content will have a better chance of being noticed.

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