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Storytelling is Misunderstood

I hope my podcast brings some clarity

Upon reading a creative brief, I had to bury my face in my hands.

The brief stated that the goal was to “tell the product’s story,” and went on to detail the “story,” consisting of the product’s features and benefits.

That ain’t a story!

Unfortunately, many companies and people in the communications and marketing business are misunderstanding storytelling. But I don’t necessarily blame them.

Storytelling is kind of a big thing these days, and for good reason. Many people and businesses are coming around to the idea that stories are an outstanding way to connect with people, to share crucial information, to motivate them to action, and even to persuade them.

As a result of this heightened awareness, companies are clamoring to incorporate storytelling into their marketing, making requests to “tell the story,” like the one above.

I don’t blame anyone for misunderstanding storytelling as a marketing discipline. There are many ways to approach it, and many ways to do it wrong.

One thing I’ve noticed over my years is that stories, and storytelling is all around us. It surrounds us, kinda like The Force.

There are many people, from all walks of business, who are using stories and/or storytelling techniques to connect with their audiences and achieve their goals. I’ve met some of these people, and I’ve been inspired by their stories.

It occurs to me that we can call learn from them. So I thought I’d try to make that happen.

Introducing “The Storytelling Companion”

“The Storytelling Companion” is a new podcast I’m using to learn more about how to deploy storytelling in business communications. In each episode, I’ll be talking to interesting people who do great work, and who use storytelling to accomplish their goals.

Or, more accurately, they use storytelling techniques to elevate their content and brands, and form relationships with their audiences. They may not even realize what they’re doing is so effective, but through this podcast, I hope to extract a lesson or two from each guest, thus becoming a better storyteller and strategist.

Of course, you’re invited to join me and learn from these extraordinary people, too. If you’re interested, please listen to the preview episode below. New episodes will be published on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, and you can subscribe on your favorite podcast player, including Apple Podcasts, Google PlaySpotify, and Stitcher. TuneIn is coming soon.

Thanks! And enjoy the show!

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