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You don't have too look far to find great stories

When it comes to telling stories that interest and engage your audience, the best ones are about people. Ordinary individuals who have done unique things, had remarkable experiences, or have a different outlook on life.

But where can you find these people? One group you may not have considered is your own employees.

Everybody has a story to tell, and the same thing goes for your employees. They are an endless (depending on the size of your company) source of great content.

A recent example is Southwest, who ran a feature of one of their pilots who was retiring. She just happened to be the 11th pilot the company hired. After a long career working at Southwest, she had some interesting things to say:

Find those stories, and you’ll never lack for content.

You might ask, in a B2B company, do my customers really care about my employees? There are two possible answers to this:


No, but they should, and you should make them.

Face it, your employees are your company. They are the people who design & make the products, who send the invoices, who answer the phones and emails, all for the sake of the customer.

If your customers know who your employees are, if they see them on a human level, they might start to like them, and there will be a better chance they like you.

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