• Writing Case Story:
    Cultivating Educated Clients

    Digital Scientists

    Digital Scientists develops cool, high-end digital products. They don’t come cheap, so they know the importance of educating prospective clients.


    They use their blog to cultivate better-informed clients, show off their capabilities and successes, and bolster their SEO.


    They just needed a writer who could translate their highly technical process into terms your average CEO could understand. And make it interesting to read. I worked with them to write several blog posts that put topics like minimum viable product, product-market fit, and digital sales enablement into real-world terms.

    Jeff Mette

    VP of Business Strategy, Digital Scientists

    “One of Chris's strengths is to come up-to-speed on new and complicated topics and concepts with lightning speed. Chris would interview me and other team members and then craft those interviews into content that helped us to attract and educate new prospects and clients. Chris also had a gift for taking the same content and creating stories that spoke to different stakeholders.”

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