• Storytelling Case Story:
    Achieving Goals through Stories

    Wake Forest School of Medicine, PA Studies Department

    The Wake Forest PA Studies Department knew they had great stories to tell. They just needed help telling them.


    They wanted a writer to elevate the content of their quarterly magazine. To tell stories about their students, alumni and faculty that helps the department achieve its goals.


    Yes, goals. After all, they’re not in this to entertain their readers. They want them to be more aware of the impact the department has on the medical community, and to be more involved in their initiatives.

    Jamie Blalock

    Departmental Project Manager, Wake Forest PA Studies program

    Working with Chris has surpassed all of my expectations. Not only is he a great writer, but he is also invested in the planning, execution, and overall success of our digital magazine.


    From discussing the topics of upcoming issues, to contacting interviewees, Chris is thoughtful and professional. His work certainly speaks for itself. I would recommend Chris’ services to anyone with writing/storytelling needs.

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