• Learn how to use storytelling to build your personal brand.

  • Don't Let Unknown Opportunities Slip Away

    A dash of storytelling goes a long way toward getting noticed by the right people.
    That's when the real fun begins.

    Get Noticed

    Build your personal brand to stand out from everyone else.

    Grow Your Influence

    Win more followers and be seen as a trusted expert.

    Grab Opportunities

    Untold benefits will be yours for the taking.

  • I Can Show You How

    My name is Chris Thiede, and I'll be your storytelling coach.


    I can show you how to use storytelling to build your brand, build your following, and open new doors of opportunity you didn't even know were there.


    It all starts with a free, 20-minute call.

  • This Ain't My First Rodeo

    Here's what a few of my former clients and protégés have said.

    Tom, serial entrepreneur

    “As a content strategist and creator, he is helping me establish a greater presence on social media, demonstrating my expertise and authority. In other words, he’s helping me look and sound good by sharing the knowledge and insights I have.”

    April, executive at a fancy-schmancy financial institution

    “As a coach, (Chris) takes his time to learn about his students and understand their development objectives. Over the course of several months Chris developed lessons that helped me learn the core components of effective storytelling. I have had the opportunity to apply the storytelling competencies I learned while working with Chris and I am amazed at the feedback I have received.”

    Dani, former protégé & subcontractor

    “I have developed a clearer and stronger grasp of storytelling. All credit in this respect is due to Christopher’s mentorship and willingness to offer advice or accolades when due.”

  • You’re Much More Interesting than You Think

    Most people think they’re not interesting and their experiences don’t matter to anyone else.

    Most people are wrong.


    You have stories of experiences that will inspire others, demonstrate your expertise, and make you relatable and likable. These are stories you already have and know. Real stories about your journey, your triumphs and your failures.


    Stories about you.


    Everyone has stories to share. I can show you how to use them to form real connections and stand out in a sea of sameness.

  • Yeah, But Who Am I?

    My name is Chris Thiede. I'm a content strategist, writer, and fractional marketing leader.


    In my day job, I help Fortune 500 companies, C-Level executives, small businesses, startups, and organizations of all shapes and sizes harness the power of stories to form deeper connections with their audiences.


    Through that work, I’ve learned that stories – in all their many forms – are even more powerful than I realized.


    I also saw countless people on LinkedIn and other platforms, doing storytelling wrong, or worse, not doing it at all.


    I want to help. I can show you how to unleash your stories to put yourself out there to be noticed. It requires a bit of bravery and willingness to try new things and make mistakes. But if you’re game, I’m confident I can help you.

  • Let's Get Started

    Storytelling has the power to help you get noticed. To set you apart. To help you grow your influence and build an audience of people who can help you reach your goals.


    I can help you get there. The process is simple.


    Free Consultation

    We talk for 20-30 minutes, get to know each other, & I'll create a Coaching Plan.


    Your Plan

    I'll share your custom Coaching Plan with you, and you decide which package you want (pricing below).


    We're Off and Running

    We'll set up regular coaching meetings, and you start your journey!

  • Plans & Pricing

    Monthly Plan

    If you just want to give it a shot


    per month

    Billed monthly

    Auto-renews until you cancel

    Cancel whenever

    6-Month Plan

    If you want to give it the College Try


    per month

    $534 billed every 6 months

    Renew, cancel or change plans after 6 months

    Annual Plan

    If you're ready to go All In


    per month

    $948 billed annually

    Renew, cancel or change plans after 1 year

  • Questions?

    If you're not sure Storytelling Coaching is right for you, or how my process works, send me a message. I'm happy to answer your questions.

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