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    Making Smarter Clients

    The Challenge

    Digital Scientists creates cool digital products. Mobile apps. Web applications. Internet-of-Things…well, things.


    What they do is complex. They needed to make current and future clients smarter about the process. And show how smart they are.

    My Approach

    I first had to go to software innovation school, spending a day with Digital Scientists to understand what they do and how they do it.


    That gave me the foundation to write content that demonstrates Digital Scientists’ authority and connects with their audience in terms that are meaningful to them. A few samples are below...

    The Results

    Jeff Mette

    VP of Business Strategy, Digital Scientists

    “Chris would interview team members and then craft those interviews into content that helped us to attract and educate new prospects and clients...creating stories that spoke to different stakeholders.”

    Why This Client is Awesome

    Working with Digital Scientists has taught me about the digital development process. Also, I really enjoyed talking to Jeff after every Packers victory over the Cowboys.

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