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    Becoming Relevant to Consumers

    The Challenge

    Unless you’re a plumber, you probably haven’t heard of Pentair. Until recently, it was a trade-focused brand of water treatment and filtration products and components.


    But they’re changing that. And one of their first steps was to transform their product-heavy, highly technical and (ironically) dry website into one that speaks to consumers.

    My Approach

    This was a big project. It wasn’t as simple as rewriting existing content. First, we had to think through what was important to consumers, and what messages would resonate with them.


    Then, I helped build a messaging strategy and sitemap that would help guide consumers through the information-gathering and decision-making process. Then, after months of planning, I began writing.

    The Results

    Pentair’s online process is a work in progress, and part of a larger corporate effort. But their filtration web page is now written to speak to consumers, touching on the emotional aspects of their water.

    Why This Client is Awesome

    Water is an important and highly emotional issue, and we’ve only just begun to explore its depths (bad pun intended). When I work with a client like Pentair, I know I’m helping to do something important.

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