• You're more than the stuff you sell

    You're a solver of your customers' vexing problems. A driver of positive change in your industry and community. A beacon of purpose for your employees.


    Look beyond the nuts and bolts, and start telling your stories!

  • So I have a question

    Which approach is best for you?

    Stick with the tired, outdated approach of promoting products, features & benefits, and be like everyone else?

    Show your customers the real you, connect with them as people, and stand out from the competition?

  • It's good to be different

    Your customers don't care about your products.

    • When they hear about features & benefits, their eyes glaze over. 
    • They don't believe claims that Brand A is better than Brand B, even if it's true.
    • They're bombarded with marketing, and they've heard it all before.
    Instead, they want to get to know the real you. And they want to see that you know them.

  • Convinced?

    Perhaps I can help you re-discover what makes your company special, and what stories will resonate with your customers. Or, perhaps not.


    Only one way to find out...

  • Skeptical?

    If you still have question marks flying out of your head, I understand. Business storytelling can seem squishy, and there are a lot of nuances. It's difficult to get it right.


    That's why I offer some resources to help you get your head around how business storytelling can work for you.

  • A bit about me



    My name is Chris Thiede (pronounced THEE-dee).


    I am a writer and content/marketing strategist with more than 25 years experience, working for agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and as an independent consultant.


    My passion is storytelling, and I believe that companies and organizations can use storytelling techniques to elevate their marketing and connect with their customers. So I've built my consulting business around helping my clients do just that.

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