• What I Do & How I Do It

    My Process

    It’s pretty simple, really. I start by getting to know you. Your company or organization, your mission, your goals, your culture. Every organization has stories to tell, and it’s my goal to uncover yours.


    I also want to know as much about your audiences as possible. What are their needs? What are their challenges? What keeps them up at night?


    With that information, I work with you to develop a strategic plan that uses storytelling techniques to elevate your content and connect with your audiences.


    Want to get started? Let’s talk about how we can tell your stories.

    Why "Audiences?"

    You probably noticed I used the word “audiences” in most cases, instead of “customers.” I do that for a couple reasons.


    First, it’s too limiting. The people you need to reach aren’t always customers. Sometimes they’re employees, partners, investors, or the public.


    But more importantly, it’s helpful to think of anyone with whom you need to communicate as an audience. Just like in a theater or watching a TV show, your audience expects to get something out of the content you’re offering. And they won’t hesitate to tune you out.


    So think in terms of audiences, and act accordingly.


    You want vertical industry experience? I got vertical industry experience...



    • Digital Scientists
    • PrecisionHawk
    • Jaggaer
    Residential/Commercial Building
    • Pentair
    • Coatings for Industry
    • IKO
    Institutional/Higher Education
    • Wake Forest School of Medicine
    • Wake Forest Innovations
  • Strategy

    Without having a solid strategy, you could be wasting time and money creating content that doesn’t connect with your audiences or help you meet your goals.


    I will work with you to develop a strategic plan that matches the needs of your audiences with the value you can offer. The result is a plan of action designed to achieve your objectives. And stay within your budget.


    Sometimes, you just need to get stuff written. Maybe you have a strategy in place, maybe not. In any case, I’ll work with you to create content that does what it needs to do.


    Always focused on the audience, I create content that educates, informs, and sometimes even entertains. Most importantly, is demonstrates your authority on topics that are important to your audience, and positions you as a trusted advisor.


    I love stories. I see compelling narratives and interesting characters where others may not. You may not even realize how good your stories are.


    What I can do is help you identify the great stories you have. Or advise you on storytelling techniques that will elevate your content, engage your audiences and help you accomplish your goals.

  • Have I convinced you?

    Have you seen enough to pique your interest in working with me? If so, send me a note and let's get started. If not, send me a note and ask me a question.

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