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    In case you're wondering what I can do for you...

    For Your Enterprise: Strategy & Execution

    Public relations, marketing, content strategy, copywriting. Whatever you want to call it, to me, it’s all about helping clients find the right stories to tell, and the best ways to tell them.

    For Your Team: Training & Consulting

    I can work with your team to help them harness the power of storytelling in their presentations, proposals, and one-on-one interactions.

    For You: Coaching

    If you want to make your ideas heard, connect with the people you need to reach, and make an impact, I can coach you on storytelling basics and application.

  • Storytelling Samples

    Below are a few samples of stories I’ve written. If you want to see more, just contact me and ask. Check back every so often, as I’ll be updating them.

    Aluminum is Forever

    Client: Hunter Douglas Commercial

    Does a metal make a good topic for a story?

    Building Together

    Client: Wake Forest Innovations

    Telling the story of how a credit union is building a community.

    Right-Sized Team

    Client: Digital Scientists

    Using storytelling to inform businesses about software development.

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    Send me a note and let's talk.

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