• Work Samples

    Aluminum is Forever

    Client: Hunter Douglas Commercial

    Does a metal make a good topic for a story?

    Building Together

    Client: Wake Forest Innovations

    A credit union is building a community.

    Cell Disk

    Client: Wake Forest Innovations

    Retracing steps to create a medical innovation.

    Right-Sized Team

    Client: Digital Scientists

    What is the optimal software development team size?

    Customer Experience

    Client: Digital Scientists

    Telling the story of a digital customer experience project.

    LIVIT Website

    Client: SharkDreams

    Introducing a new medical technology.

    Small Farmers

    Client: John Deere

    Once struggling to survive, an African farmer now looks to the future.

    Women in Engineering

    Client: John Deere

    Women overcome barriers to follow their dreams.


    Client: Progressive Business Media

    Gadgets and gizmos for the furniture industry.

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