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Make storytelling your personal branding secret weapon in 2023 

April stood on a stage at a fintech conference, with1,000 people staring at her and a couple thousand more watching online, about to give a presentation about a dry, technical topic. 

By the end of her presentation, she had the audienceeating out of her hand. People told her afterwards they were excited to start using some of the ideas she shared. 

That presentation led to bigger and better things forApril. New responsibilities, new opportunities, and a new job. 

How did she do it? She told stories to get theaudience’s attention, keep them engaged, and make her messages memorable. 

The Year of Personal Branding

Personal branding has been around for awhile, but it’sgoing to super-important in 2023. Especially in B2B.  

That’s because people are more skeptical and savvythan ever, and they don’t trust companies and brands. But they do trust people.

For most B2B companies, their first, best, and mostmeaningful touch points they have with customers will be person-to-person. Not on ads or corporate social posts. The companies whose people have the best personal brands will have a big advantage. 

And people are realizing that investing in theirpersonal brands leads to new and better opportunities for them, like it did for April. 

Storytelling is the Secret Weapon

There are lots of components that go into building apersonal brand. But the most important thing you can do is to get the attention
of your audience, make your messages engaging, and win their trust. 

Stories do that. Because they’re different, memorable,relatable, and emotional. As human beings, we’re wired to relate to stories. 

Your opportunity is to use that to your advantage tobuild your personal brand, raise your profile, and enjoy new opportunities in

I’ll show you how. Each week, I’ll share tipsand best practices for how you can make storytelling your secret weapon for building your personal brand in 2023.


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