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What’s the key ingredient to connecting with your audience? 

When Barbara Gamberini prepares to play a role, sheimmerses herself in the character. For her, it’s about more than knowing the lines, but internalizing the pain and struggle that brought her character to such a difficult situation. 

Barbara has never set foot on stage or in front of acamera. She’s not a thespian, she’s a standardized patient at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. She pretends to have various diseases and afflictions so that med students can practice their diagnosis skills and bedside manner. 

And it’s hard on her. Having just “become” a verytroubled person, she needs a couple days to recover after each performance. 

Why does Barbara go through all this turmoil? Becauseshe wants these students to be good doctors. Because she wants what’s best for them. 

Because in a very real sense, she loves them. 

Your Love = Their Trust

I know how this sounds. It’s all squishy and fuzzy.But I’m not talking about loving them the way you love your family or a golden retriever. I’m talking about putting their needs first. 

Here’s the deal: if you want your customers (orwhomever your target audience is) to trust you, you have to have their best interests in mind. I’m not suggesting you take it to the same level that Barbara does. Few people can match that. 

But when you love your customers, when you want what’sbest for them, you will naturally work harder for them and tell better stories to gain their attention, affinity and trust. 

And they will reward you for it. 

On the other hand, if you just want to sell them stuff,there are ways to do that. But don’t expect their reciprocating love and trust. 

Now that you’ve found a newfound love for yourcustomers, what stories can you tell to get their attention and show them your love?

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