• Content Strategy Services

    See that look of concentration on my face? That's what creative, strategic thinking looks like.


    Okay, this is just a posed photo. But in real life, that's the kind of focus I bring to my work,
    helping my clients tell their stories and connect with their audiences.

    My Podcast

    Every week, I lock myself into a 10' by 10' windowless room, hang blankets on the walls,

    and talk into a microphone for an hour. It's weird.


    But I talk about how you can use storytelling to meet your strategic goals. Maybe you'll like it.

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    I have opinions and ideas, and I'm not afraid to use them.

    Storytelling,content marketing,empathy
    presenting,body language,communications
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    Want to talk about your business? Recommend a podcast topic? Book me to speak at your next event? Just want to kick around some ideas? I’m in! Let’s connect!

  • Stalking More Your Style?

    Here’s where you can find me spouting stuff on social media.

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