• Storytelling Means Business

    You have stories to tell. Stories that connect, persuade, Inspire.


    Stories that sell.


    Let me help you build them.

  • Why Storytelling?

    Nobody cares about your stuff

    Your future customers have heard it all before.


    Your products & services. Their features and benefits. What makes you better, faster, cheaper. Your competitors are saying the same things.


    Stories connect you to your audience. They demonstrate your passion. They inform, inspire and motivate your audience. Your stories are yours alone.


    That’s why Forbes has called storytelling a “strategic imperative of business.”

    Storytelling works

    When you bring storytelling, or even just elements of storytelling, into your content, it soars. It stands out from all the rest of the noise people see and hear every day.


    The good news is, you have great stories to tell. Lots of them. I guarantee it. Stories about your company, your people, your culture. Stories about your customers and how you enhance their lives.


    All you have to do is find them, and tell them.

  • Why Me?

    I Build Stories

    Relying on 25 years of experience as a writer and marketer, I help companies, organizations and even individuals craft their stories. Stories that are the building blocks of great PR, content marketing, email, websites, corporate communications, and more.


    To learn more about my capabilities, and to see some of my work, click here. Or to get started, just scroll a bit more.

  • Testimonials

    Ashley Valez

    Chris understands the power of storytelling... I saw his ability to get to know our industry, our company and people, and our customers and then develop a story to help us reach our target audience and accomplish our goals.

    April Danile

    I have had the opportunity to apply the storytelling competencies I learned while working with Chris and I am amazed at the feedback I have received. I have been asked to present far more often ... I am complimented on my ability to deliver meaningful presentations that connect with the audience on an emotional level.

    Sarah Sotelo

    In just a few conversations, (Chris) was able to fully grasp what we do and eloquently help us tell our story.

  • Contact Me

    Let’s start with a quick call to get to know each other. I’ll ask you about your company, your products & services, and your customers & target audiences. You can ask me whatever you like.

    Cary, North Carolina
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