• The last thing a website about water needs is dry content.

    Dull content is a disease. Emotional storytelling is the cure.

    Want to attract customers? Educate them.

  • Who Am I?

    I’m a strategic storytelling consultant. That’s a fancy way of saying I help companies and organizations connect with people using content and stories that matter. It's an approach that's strategic, creative and relevant.


    To reach your goals


    To set you apart


    To attract your audience

    Who Are You?

    You “get it.” You know that connecting with people needs a human touch. And that there’s nothing more human than stories.

  • Don't take my word for it

    Read what my clients have to say...

    Ashley Valez

    Digital Scientists

    "He offered a fresh, innovative perspective and was always open to collaborating."

    Steven Kleber

    Kleber & Associates

    "A mix of technical proficiency within an artful communicator."

    Jamie Blalock

    Wake Forest School of Medicine

    "He is invested in the planning, execution, and overall success of our magazine."

    Kristen May

    Furniture Today magazine

    "Christopher took our vision and made it become our reality."

    Thomas Dewane

    Jaystreet Technologies

    "(A)n exceptional writer and a keen strategist."

    Jeff Mette

    Digital Scientists

    "The only thing bad I can say about Chris is that he is a Brewers fan."

  • Who am I, really?

    Before we go any further, there are some things about me you should know.


    I'm a Green Bay Packers season-ticket holder. I have a fascination with mechanical clocks. I owe my life to a golden retriever whose name I'll never know.


    If you want to know more, send me a note or give me a call.

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