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    Educational Content with a Touch of Personality

    The Challenge

    Digital Turbine helps app creators get their apps noticed, downloaded, retained and monetized. It's a complex process with a lot of nuances.


    To educate their clients, they wanted to create an e-book that told them everything they needed to know. But they didn't want it to be boring.

    My Approach

    First, I needed to learn about Digital Turbine, the services they offer, and the needs of their customers. I also needed to get a sense of their brand personality. To accomplish this, I met with the marketing team, and asked lots of questions. I also read. A lot.


    That enabled me to put together an e-book that was not only informative, but also interesting to read. Even a little fun.

    The Results

    Megan Blodgett

    Content Marketing Manger, Digital Turbine

    "(Chris) is a highly detailed and dedicated writer who managed to perfectly match our company's tone and voice - just from one hour-long meeting."

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