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    Creating a New, Better Website on a Tight Schedule

    The Challenge

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    PeopleFluent, a talent acquisition, employee learning, and HR management software company, needed a new website with more engaging content.


    And they needed it fast. The project deadline was only a few months away when they called me.

    My Approach

    In short order, I needed to learn as much as I could about their brand, their products, and most importantly, their customers. To do that, I took a crash course, interviewing sales people and product leaders to soak up all the knowledge I could.


    I then worked with my client to develop content that would not only describe the product features and benefits, but also align with customer needs and pain points.


    And, it had to reflect the PeopleFluent brand and be interesting to read.

    The Results

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    Kevin Bonsor

    Director of Product Marketing, PeopleFluent

    "Not only did Chris help us elevate our web site copy, he helped us find a new voice for our brand. Today’s marketing requires great storytelling, and Chris is one of the best storytellers out there.​"