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    Celebrating PAs

    The Challenge

    The Physicians Assistant program at the Wake Forest School of Medicine had a fever.


    That fever was that they had endless great stories to tell about their students, faculty, and alumni. The only prescription was a writer who could bring those stories to life.

    My Approach

    As the lead writer for the department’s quarterly magazine, I help plan stories, I interview subjects, and I write features that capture the human, emotional side of studying to be a PA.


    As a bonus, I helped the department transition from a not-so-user-friendly digital magazine format to a searchable, sharable, consumable web format. Kinda like a blog.

    The Results

    Jamie Blalock

    Departmental Project Manager, Wake Forest PA Studies program

    “Not only is Chris a great writer, but he is also invested in the planning, execution, and overall success of our digital magazine. He is thoughtful and professional. His work certainly speaks for itself.”

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